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Promote continued collegiality and communication among retired personnel and provide a vehicle for them to remain in contact with one another and support the goals and endeavors of the University.


* Promote the welfare of retired personnel

* Provide facilities and leadership for retiree activities

* Encourage communication among its members

* Provide pertinent information to persons eligible for membership

* Confer with University president and other officers on matters of mutual interest to RAPS and PSU

* Support the aims and objectives of the University and promote its endeavors

* Assist in the development and preservation of the history of Portland State University

Organization of RAPS

RAPS is governed by a board composed of:

* Officers: two co-presidents, secretary and treasurer

* Editor of The RAPS Sheet, the newsletter of RAPS

* Three members-at-large

* Standing committee chairs

Board meetings are open to all members

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